Registered By GOVT. UP Higher Education Dept. & NO. 8 of 2002

Run By: Manraj Kuwar Singh Educational Society (REG NO. LUC/03140/2019-20)

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The idealogy of this educational society came from these divine minds, the beloved parents of Dr. Susheel Singh (General Secretary) & Mrs. Shewta Singh (Chairman). Mr. C.L Singh & Mrs. Manraj Kuwar Singh who both work tirelessly for the welfare of the society They both are the representative of MKS educational society..

Mr. C.L Singh

Mrs. Manraj Kuwar Singh

About MKSE

MANRAJ KUWAR SINGH EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY was established in the year 2019 by Dr. Susheel Kumar Singh and Mrs. Shweta Singh.

The prime objectives of the society are:

  • To uplift the less privileged rural children by providing basic value added education.
  • To create awareness among the illiterate women regarding family welfare, health education and personal hygiene.

Manraj Kuwar Singh Educational Society is an NGO (Charitable Organization).

It is registered under society Registration Act XXI of 1860 No: LUC/03140/2019-2020

Manraj Kuwar Singh Educational Society also registered with NITI Aayog vide “Unique ID: UP/2019/0248444”.

Manraj Kuwar Singh Educational Society, Science Tech Institute in Lucknow district in the year 2018 which is registered and approved UP higher Education Department, UP, India.

Vocational skills of  youth (girls and boys) and women of less privileged rural community are also developed for self-employment in the School.

The society plans to provide an ambulance service for the community so that in emergencies the village population; especially the women can be provided urgent transportation to the nearest medical Centre.

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2nd Floor, HaydelNahar, Kanpur Road, Near Sainik School, Sarojni Nagar, Lucknow – 226008

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